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Just wanted to let idreamofjimmy know that user tigereye89 is not me on your forum - I happened to find some status updates on the IDOJ forum page by this person in my search for JN news on Google.

I left the forum a few years ago to go solo with my project and with the fandom. I am not sure who this person is, but I’ve been using advertising to get fan support on my own. I don’t spam forums or other pages.  

Anyway, I thought I should say something so you’d know that it’s not me.  :) I do admire this fan’s tenacity, but one status update about my project would have been sufficient enough.  

What does Jimmy Neutron mean to you? How did the show impact your life? Why do you want it back?

This petition signature was signed by an unknown (I do encourage everyone to put a name with your signature when you sign the petitions), but their reason why Jimmy Neutron meant so much to them and why the show deserves another season was so good that I just had to share it here and on Facebook as well.

"Jimmy Neutron was, and is, one of my favorite shows. To be honest, I haven’t watched it in years, but I watched an episode today, and it was just as entertaining and awesome as how any years ago it was that I last watched it. Jimmy and Cindy inspired me to keep on learning, even if I was teased for being smart (and gave me hope that one day I’d have a special someone who was just as smart as me and appreciated me). I used to watch this show all the time, and it was honestly my favorite show, along with Fairly Odd Parents (every time the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour’s came on, I squealed). Oh, did I mention how much I ship Cindy and Jimmy? No? Well, I SHIP IT. HARD. By the end of the series, yeah, they kiss, and I LOVED it, but I kind of want more closure. Maybe they have relationship struggles? I’m assuming they would, considering how often they’d tease each other and bicker constantly- I dunno. I guess the series built up so much anticipation and tension for those characters to get together, the fans just wanted them to get a move on and be a COUPLE, you know? And of course we can assume they’re a couple after this, but we kind of want PROOF. Also, more Cindy/Jimmy moments. Just because they make us squeal."

If you want the show back guys, please take some time to sign the petition - it only takes a few minutes.  Reaching our 30,000 signature goal on this petition is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. 2,000 signatures is not enough - we need more support!



It’s been 8 1/2 years since Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 2 premiered, and the first time Nick has aired it in awhile.

Who do you think Cindy should have went to the Friday the 13th Dance with? Did you like the ending the way it was, or would you have rather her just went with Jimmy or with Timmy? How would you have changed the ending of the special if you preferred a different outcome?


Additionally, what would you like to see happen with Jimmy and CIndy if there is a 4th season of Jimmy Neutron?



Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion will be airing on Monday July 14th at 8:30 p.m. on Nicktoons.

Additionally, as part of Nickelodeon’s month-long Fairly Oddparents premieres, they have also been airing the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hours. This past Friday, the first one aired. The second one, “When Nerds Collide”, will be airing this upcoming Friday, July 18th at 11 a.m.


Please take the time to sign this petition (click here) - we are still lagging behind in our goal to reach 30,000 signatures for Nickelodeon. We have over 20,000 fans on our Facebook fan page plus over 500 followers on Tumblr and I would like to see almost everyone on here sign this - it would really mean a lot to me!


davidisacooldude asked: Hey I was a jimmy neutron fan as a kid and I love what you're doing. The kids if this generation need some jimmy in their lives

Thank you very much for your support!


Please sign this petition!  We are so far away from our 30,000 goal and not many fans are signing.  This is hugely important!


I need to make an addendum - the ratings I looked at for June 6th do have the Jimmy Neutron movie included afterall.  The total number of viewers on June 6th for the 7 p.m. showing was 1.618 million viewers.

The total number of viewers for the June 29th 11 a.m. showing of the Jimmy Neutron movie was slightly higher at 1.742 million viewers - the TMNT lead-in did help some with that.

I do not know if I can get ratings for Nicktoons, but I am going to try.  This is all of the information I have for now.  Be sure to trend and watch Jimmy Neutron all this week on Nicktoons for 2 full hours of episodes through Friday!


Thank you to Queen Chipmunk for being our 500th follower on this blog!  

This is a huge milestone and I cannot thank everyone enough for being a part of this massive effort to bring Jimmy Neutron back to TV.  Thank you all again!


Happy July!  We have some more Jimmy Neutron events coming up this week that I will be announcing in this post, plus another major milestone.


I honestly didn’t think we would make 500 followers this quickly!  I was thinking we’d get there by the end of the year, but in several short months, we have nearly achieved that goal.  Follower 500 will get a special post to celebrate the next milestone.  Let’s see if we can’t reach 600 or possibly 700 followers by the end of this year.  Spread the word about this project to anyone you know that is a fan of Jimmy Neutron. The more fans on board the better - it lets Nick know how strong the fanbase still is!

Thank you all again for supporting what I am doing - you guys are fantastic!


Unfortunately, the movie didn’t even get on Nielsen’s list for June 6th - if a show or movie does not even make it onto the list of ratings, this means that it did not do well.  We need to get a lot of support this week - please, please, please watch and trend!


This is going to be a super busy week and I’m going to call this a Jimmy Neutron week because of all of the many things that will be airing this whole week.

First up, right after a brand-new TMNT at 11:00 a.m., the Jimmy Neutron movie will be airing again on Nickelodeon at 11:30 a.m. this Sunday, June 29th which is today.  Set your DVRs for this!  It’s a great time to record the movie to save for later too, plus the more people who watch it, the better the ratings will be.  As stated previously, the last showing didn’t fare well.  Hopefully with a lot of TMNT fans out there who also like Jimmy Neutron, plus the fact that it’s Sunday may get more people to tune in. This is my hope.

On Monday, June 30th, Nicktoons will be airing the movie again if you do miss it on Nickelodeon on Sunday.  The movie will be showing twice on Monday evening with the first showing at 7 p.m. and the second showing immediately following the first one at 9 p.m. 

July 1st through the 4th for the remainder of the week, Nicktoons will be airing four back-to-back Jimmy Neutron episodes in the evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. each night.  Nicktoons is doing this for this week only. The show will be going back to the early Monday morning showings (4 a.m.-6 a.m.) after that.

And finally, Friday, July 11th, Nickelodeon will be airing the first Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour at noon.

It’s a huge week with lots of Jimmy Neutron in it, and I hope everyone will be watching!


It is imperative and important that everyone trend, and it is strongly encouraged that everyone write a letter to Nick this week.  Tell Nick how appreciative you are that they are airing Jimmy Neutron on the network again and what the show meant to you.  Why do you miss Jimmy Neutron? Why do you want it back?  

Please do not bash other Nick shows in your letters, either - keep it positive and all about Jimmy Neutron.  Bashing other shows accomplishes nothing and your letter will get thrown in the trash.  If you want Nick to take what we are doing seriously, being positive helps a ton.

Getting creative also is a GREAT idea.  When you write your letter, maybe you can take a piece of paper and cut it into the shape of Jimmy’s head for your letter, or the shape of a beaker (or something else from Jimmy’s lab), for example.

The address to send your letters is:

Attn: Cyma Zarghami
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

This week will also be a trending week.  Each day this week whenever Jimmy is airing, please trend on twitter using the hashtags #jimmyneutronrevivalproject #nickbringbackjn, and #jimmyneutron and send your tweets to @NickelodeonTV.  Trending is extremely important because if Jimmy gets in the top 10, Nick will take notice.  This is an extremely huge deal and we need to do this.


For those who may be inquiring on the status of my NeutronCon idea, it has been shelved at the present moment.

I am still attempting to get a headcount of who (animators, voice actors, directors, producers, etc.) from the show would be interested in attending such an event, and I need to know this first before I start accepting donations for the Kickstarter campaign.  It will take some time because I am trying to share this idea with as many people that I know, but I’m not getting a lot of responses as of yet.  This idea is still on the table and if I receive enough interest from the folks who were involved with the series, the Kickstarter will eventually be launched. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the con.


As always, the petition signature count continues to remain low and we need more signatures.  I’m shooting for 30,000 before I send them off to Nickelodeon and Cyma.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to put a signature on my Care2 or petitions and leave a comment with your signature letting Nick know why you miss the show and what it meant to you. petition:

Care2 petition:

This will do it for July.  Please continue to visit this blog regularly for continued updates on the project.

#jimmyneutronrevivalproject #nickbringbackjn #jimmyneutron #nickelodeon


Happy summer!  Here is our 20th installment of our latest updates.

First off, I’m going to address one quick housekeeping issue before we move onto the news.


Please respect people on our Facebook fan page and refrain from using foul language.  Nickelodeon may be looking at the page and they don’t want to see it - it tarnishes the image of our project and the goals we are trying to accomplish with bringing Jimmy back.  I have changed the page’s settings to hide comments that have profanity in them, but it does not screen out everything. If I see a comment that is condemning anyone on the page with foul language, myself included, it will be removed and you will be banned.  This behavior is unacceptable and is not allowed.


We have two upcoming TV events to start off the month of June.  The first one is on June 2nd (today, this Monday). for “Win, Lose and Kaboom!” which will be airing at 8:30 p.m. on Nicktoons. I have noticed that not very many people have been trending - trending is so very important anytime Jimmy Neutron airs on TV.  We want to get Nickelodeon’s attention - making Jimmy Neutron a trending topic is one surefire way of doing so that will work if we trend often.  The fans of Hey Arnold trend every time the show airs on The 90’s Are All That on TeenNick - we need to do that for Jimmy whenever it airs on Nicktoons. It’s easy to tweet and doesn’t take long to do so.  Make your tweets out to @NickelodeonTV and use hashtags such as #revivejimmyneutron, #bringbackjn, #jimmyneutronrevivalproject.  

On Friday, June 6th, the Jimmy Neutron film will be airing for the first time in several years on Nickelodeon at 7:00 p.m.  Last year, the film made its broadcast TV debut in March on multiple local TV stations over the course of an entire month.  

Nickelodeon has not aired this movie in several years which is a pretty huge deal.  I am hoping to see more trending this Friday because more fans have Nickelodeon than they do both Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. This right here gives us an advantage, but only if a lot of people trend. Nickelodeon still cares about Jimmy Neutron somewhat or they wouldn’t be airing the movie on their network again.  This Friday is our time to really shine.  We need to show Nickelodeon that we mean business and that we want to see Jimmy and his friends back on television with a new season.  I really hope and pray to see a lot more of you all trending - it would mean so much not only to me but to Nickelodeon too.  They still don’t know we’re even trying to bring the show back, and they won’t ever know unless a lot of us get out there, trend, and spread the word.  

I really hope everyone can do this for me - I will be trending as well.


A friend and I are currently working on logos and designs for the convention and I’m still trying to tweak the Kickstarter.  It will be awhile until it is finalized but I will keep everyone up to date on the status of the Kickstarter and when it will go live.  

At the present moment, I am trying to get a current headcount of who involved from the Jimmy Neutron series would be interested in attending if I raise the proposed $35,000 for the con. I am using a survey from surveymonkey and so far I’ve gotten three responses - one for yes and two for maybe, but I don’t know if these are answers from people who worked on the show or fans that have taken the survey by mistake.  I have now posed this question on my Facebook page instead since surveymonkey is not working out so well.  Hopefully I will get a better result from that.

The only people that I need to answer this survey are people who used to work on Jimmy Neutron.  If you are a fan, please don’t respond to the survey - it will skew the results and not give me a very accurate headcount.

If I get a fairly decent headcount, I am going to proceed with some further tweaking with the kickstarter with my fan and friend Zhinju.  We have some awesome graphics and some great ideas we are working on, but for now they will remain under wraps.  

I am confident and hopeful about my idea and I really hope I can make this happen.  

That will do it for our updates.  If you haven’t done so yet, please as always sign our petition - we are still severely behind with our 30,000 signature goal.  If you could take a moment to sign and leave a comment about how the show impacted your life, that will make a huge difference!

Thank you all as always for your continued support.  I’ll post more updates as soon as I get them.

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